1) Appointments

For appointment, please call the Medical Centre
+30 2289027464 or +30 2289024211.

For urgent appointments please call +30 6977654737 or + 30 6944338292.

In case of emergency, no appointment is needed. Just come to the Centre and you be seen as a soon as possible.

2) Referrals

Any medical referral is accepted.

Don't forget to bring your home doctor's phone number or e-mail address in order to speed personal medical information, in case communication is needed.

3) Insurance

Most of the internationally recognized insurance companies which are represented in Greece or which can guarantee the patient's medical costs are accepted.

4) Billing

There are three ways of payment :

- by credit card ( Visa , Electron visa , MasterCard, Amex, Maestro )
- by cash

If you are a self paying patient, payment must be made in full on the day of consultation.

Receipt and medical report in English are routinely supplied by the Specialists of the Centre.

- by insurance company

In this case you will be responsible for any co- payment, co-insurance and / or deductible obligations due.

5) Comments & Complaints

Whether you are a patient, relative or a visitor to the Medical Centre, we hope your experience is positive. We ask that if you encounter any problem however small, you tell us. We continually strive to improve our service, so your comments and feedback are most welcome.

Feel free to contact us at + 30 2289027407 or email at mykhealt@otenet.gr

We try to be available any time.

6) FAQs

7) Contact us

8) Location

9) Consulting sessions

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